June 15th, 2005


Pictures Today

I snapped these this afternoon. The hibiscus on the left has fill flash; no fill for the one on the right. Which one looks better?

Hello Kitty Lifeguard is from last season -- but summer's here, so she's back on the beach!

Joe Photographer

The last several shots I've taken with my Sony P10 have had a "fogged" look, like film shots have when they're overexposed, or when the camera back has been opened. I ran a few test shots today, and the pictures still looked fogged or "soft." Collapse )


Called the test center, set up an appointment for the PRAXIS I (PPST) tomorrow. ($$$)

Signed up for three PRAXIS II exams to be held August 6: PLT K-6 (0522), Elementary Curriculum & Instruction (0011), and Elementary Content Area (0012). ($$$) I will not have completed the coursework that covers these areas by the time I take the tests. But I have a "study guide" on the way. Collapse )