January 10th, 2005


Hear the Canons Roar

The guy next door owns a Canon 20D digital still camera, with a couple of extra lenses, and totally loves it. And, he manages to get an occasional paying gig shooting with it, so his gear more or less subsidizes itself.

A guy the next block over is using a Canon Digital Rebel, but is looking to upgrade to a 20D soon, since he wants to start selling his photos.

And, of course, N has only good things to say about her 20D.

My pal up at the end of the driveway just bought a Canon GL2 Digital Video Camcorder, and is putting it to good use shooting a short industrial documentary for a cosmetics display that's going in down town. Again, a paid job. He wants me to help him with the editing. The image quality on the 3-chip DV camcorder is superb. Very clean.

I'm surrounded by people with cool photographic gear, who are all putting it to good use, and even turning over a little bit of cash with it. And, for some reason, it all seems to be Canon equipment.


That PRAXIS test in Biology and General Science was some piece of work. I was really scraping out the crevices between the cranial convolutions to dredge up some of those answers. I mean, it's been a while since I had to figure out the various possible outcomes of crossing a TT with a Tt. Collapse )