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January 7th, 2005

Jan. 7th, 2005

Looked at some of the Praxis stuff on line today.

I am, basically, screwed.

And I may have screwed up as well. I'm not sure now that I've actually signed up for the right test! Like, duhhhhh.....

20 D

Note to N if she's around... my neighbor has a Canon 20D, and just got a new wide-angle lens for Christmas -- some people have really nice parents, huh? -- so I've finally had the chance to see the camera "in action." It is seriously cool! I feel myself coming down with a case of "gotta have one."

So how's yours working out? Do you like it... and... is it worth the bux?

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  • 14 Apr 2020, 21:56
    We are over the top.
    Infections are going down, more people are leaving hospitals (walking) then that people enter them.
    The only statistic going up is the deaths at retirement homes. We didn't test…
  • 31 Mar 2020, 21:49
    We just discussed and set up schedules for on/off work till the end of May.
    With luck things start to pick up again here. Peak should be mid April.
  • 30 Mar 2020, 21:00
    We have Toilet paper in the shops.
    If you run out you can use newspaper (soak it and the dry it)

    The number of weeks is deceptive. Incubation take about two weeks, So after the last person…
  • 30 Mar 2020, 20:30
    testing has picked up so the number of confirmed infected people goes up
    but the death rate isn't going exponential, it's still going up but increasing by about 10 deaths a day -we're just over 80…
  • 28 Mar 2020, 22:08
    A matter of weeks... as in, 24 weeks? 52 weeks? I keep seeing statements about three, six, nine, twelve, and eighteen months, with an increasing number of "experts" supporting the nine to eighteen…
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