March 23rd, 2004


(no subject)

Didn't accomplish much today. Mailed off some eBay stuff. Monkeyed around figuring out how to do voice communication with yahoo messenger and skype. Started typing up some more eBay items, but had a hard time getting enthusiastic or productive about it. Need to get more of this junk cleaned up, need to make some money, need to do all kinds of things. It seems that even when I don't have anything specifically to do, the time goes by so quickly that I don't get anything done. I guess it all comes back to organisation and time-management. At which neither, apparently, am I proficient.

Signed up to take a training class in Real Estate sales. Okay, so I'm sinking ever closer to the bottom of the barrel. Next stop, used cars!

Still totally overcast and cool. Gray and dreary. I may as well have stayed in Oregon. Or a dungeon. Either would be equally as cheery.


Photo Site

Hmmm.... if I could put together a photo web site that worked as slick as that of narilka, well, I'd probably put together a photo web site! Not that I have many photos worth sharing with the world... but hey, it's an ego thing, all right?