March 8th, 2004


I think that I shall never see....

I don't like cutting down trees.

But the papaya tree is just too big for the spot it's growing in. And far too large to transplant.

At least it's not an old tree. In only about two years it's grown from, well, from a seed to be, like, about forty feet high.

It's breaking up the asphalt of the driveway. The roots are apparently into the septic system. And, large papaya trees have a tendency, being shallow rooted, to spontaneously fall over. If... actually, when... it falls, it will either take out the power lines, crush a car or two, land on the roof, or demolish the neighbour's carport. Probably some combination of these results.

We do have a healty young papaya sapling with which to replace it. I can use the branches and trunk as filler to shore up the erosion problem in the front yard. Plus, the tree is so tall it's impossible to reach the fruit, so it just drops off and makes a mess and goes to waste.

I guess I gotta do it. I'm stalling today because it's raining again, and windy. I don't really wanta fall off the ladder out there.

Could I just cut it back? Not really, all the decent "pruning points" are above the roof line of the house, and a pruning of such severity would probably cause problems anyway.

If you don't hear from me, I fell off the ladder.


(no subject)

Took all the side brances off the papaya tree with a hand saw, then topped it. The top dropped with a considerable thud, breaking in half on the way down. Apparently it would not have been long, or taken much of a wind, for it to have snapped on its own. The main part of the trunk is still standing -- that will have to wait for another day. The difficult, and dangerous, part is finished.

Curiously, the telephone service is out this afternoon, and has nothing to do with the tree, or downed wires, or anything that I have done. I called the phone company, and they indicated that it's service related to the recent heavy rains, and service should be restored before Thursday evening.

Hey, wait a minute. Thursday?? But today's only, like, Monday!