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As predicted, I ended up becoming quite irritable within a few hours of my nutritious breakfast of sugar and yellow dye #5. And my day ended up being more expensive than anticipated and less productive.

One of my self-appointed tasks today was to look at 4-drawer wooden file cabinets at Ashley Furniture store. There was one particular cabinet there I rather liked... two or three years ago... and I've been meaning to purchase one ever since. The store did not have the cabinet on floor display, but it is still available -- a clerk found it in the catalog -- so I placed an order. Ashley Furniture is something of an odd place: nothing is "in stock." All items are ordered, and arrive in four to six weeks. I knew this in advance, having purchased other items there. The time delay will allow me the opportunity to clear a space in the "room of doom" for the cabinet. Now that I'm getting into this teaching thing, papers are accruing at a ridiculous rate. Most of them I can discard, but I need something to help me keep my affairs in order. Yes, a couple of cardboard boxes would serve just as well, functionally speaking. But, hey, I've always wanted a cool wooden file cabinet, and now I kind of have a legitimate reason to own one.

The price seemed to be higher than I remembered.

I also stopped at Pier One Imports to get some of the large size woven rattan doormats. They had only four remaining in stock. They are the best ten dollar mats I have found. Actually, they are the best of the woven grass mats I have found for any price, and they're only ten bucks, the best bargain to be had at Pier One.

This is what an American International Driving Permit looks like. It's an exceptionally underwhelming document.

Why is the auto-spell-check in TextEdit indicating "underwhelming" to be misspelled? It is NOT misspelled! Listen, spell-check, I am not in the mood to deal with IDIOTS pointing out grammar and spelling errors that are not grammar and spelling errors. I've had quite enough of that today from college instructors, thank you ever so kindly.

Anyway, I was expecting the International Driver's Permit to be something more substantial, rather like a passport, perhaps with a plastic cover, or embossing, or something. But no. It's just paper, stapled together to make a booklet. The cover is marginally heavier paper, but only marginally. The really low-class part is inside. They don't even type in your name and information; they don't even stick in a label from a printer. No, the clerk just writes it in -- your name, your birthdate, and your city and state. It looks very unprofessional, hardly the quality one might expect of an internationally recognized document from the most powerful nation on Earth. If ever there were a symbol of third-rate nation status, the United States of America International Driving Permit would be it.

I saw a bumper sticker today that read: "I never thought I'd miss Nixon."

Why is it acceptable for the U.S. to arm Israel so Israel can bomb civilian targets in Lebanon? Why isn't anybody in the international community doing anything about this? Why are they afraid of the U.S.? The U.S. can't even win in Afghanistan, let alone Iraq.

Maybe because it's not about the U.S., or Israel, or Lebanon, or any other country. It's about the people who make money from international unrest.

Have you noticed how Saudi Arabia, the largest and most powerful of the middle eastern nations, is never mentioned in the news these days? You'd think, with wars raging among all their neighbors, they'd have something to say. Perhaps they have no complaints, with oil prices nudging eighty dollars a barrel -- a 700% increase since George W. took office, if you're counting.

I had to purchase a new propane tank today. The old one is rusting out. I'll have to take the new one to have it filled tomorrow. Home Despot and Lowbrows both sell tanks, but they don't fill them.

The Home Despot experience was irritating. I mean, it's a home improvement store, right? They sell stuff for, like, fixing stuff. So why is it that, in the restroom, when somebody over in the women's room flushes, the water level in all the men's room commodes fluctuates? And why is the water fountain broken and continuously running? And why did clerks, upon seeing approaching customers, actually turn away and disappear down other aisles? And why was the place such a ZOO on a Thursday morning? It was PACKED! It was crazy. I get sorta shell-shocked when stores are that busy... which is why I detest Wal-Mart... and ended up leaving without getting any of the things I needed.

I went to Shirokiya, the Japanese department store at Ala Moana Center. They did not have what I was looking for. In fact, the whole place looked kind of shabby and run down, not like the little sparkling jewel from Tokyo that it once was. I don't see myself returning to that store. I shall have to look elsewhere for a Totoro sweatshirt.

The class I started tonight was kind of dumb. But it should be a bit easier than the last few. I still have a fair amount of work to finish up for the class that wraps up Monday night.

School (teaching) and student teaching and various stuff gets underway next week.

Okay, time for more orange juice, Airborne tablets, and sleep.

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