March 30th, 2002


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Finally, a day off tomorrow.

Today was a LONG ten hour day. I'm ready for a break! Even if it's only for one day.

The surf is really crankin' today. Forecast is for up to 20-feet. Looked more twelve-to-fifteenish to me, and pretty rough and choppy. It's running right up the beach, though, and taking out a lot of sand. But I was just looking at Hammerheads after work. Didn't make it up to Pipe or Sunset to check it out. Too tired after work, it was too late in the afternoon. And it was kinda rainy.

Looking for a good comic book subscription service on-line tonite. Don't know if there is such a thing. If I had, like, days OFF once in a while, I'd just go down to Kaimuki to the shops there. But noooooo.... I have to work six days a week, nine or ten hours a day.

I thought I said I was gonna quit whining about stuff like that. But hey, if I miss the next issue of "Vampi," well, that's worth whining over, isn't it?

Received the polarizing filters for my camera I ordered from B&H Photo on line. B&H is good. Stuff is in stock, they ship fast, good prices, and reasonable shipping charges. Consider this a shameless plug.
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