March 28th, 2002


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During the day at work I have all kinds of "brilliant" ideas for things to write about. After nine or ten hours on the job, and assorted time for, like, supper and changing clothes and real life stuff, I'm so tired and burned out in the evening that I don't have the energy or enthusiasm to actually write anything.

Instead, all I do is whine about being tired. Which is, in itself, rather annoying and unattractive, isn't it?

So perhaps the first step in not being so burned out is to stop dwelling on being burned out.

Okay, that sounds good.

BTW: I'm using "Phoenix" to post this entry, rather than going direct thru LiveJournal. I'm curious to see how this works. As I look at this control panel, it seems there's a "work offline" option. That's an option I might profitably apply, seeing as how I tend to be rather long-winded once I get going. I'm often "bumped offline" for lack of activity while I'm "composing."

I suppose another option is to learn to be brief. Succinct. Particularly when posting to other people's sites. I've noticed that whereas I ramble at length, most people keep it short. I've also noticed that my longer posts seem to be "thread-killers." The follow-up posts kinda dry up after my couple of paragraphs. This may be self-important paranoia on my part--more probably, the follow-up posts stop because my posts show up "late," due to the time zone difference. 10pm to me is already "tomorrow" on the East Coast. By the time I pitch in my two cents, everybody else is on to other things.

(My connection was just terminated due to lack of network activity. Bummer--I actually had a pretty fast connection for this time of nite. Okay, I'll dial up again, and give Phoenix a whirl.)
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Version 7.0

I am annoyed!

(Like, you're surprised??)

I see in a catalog today: Photoshop 7.0 has been released.

I just got 6.0! Haven't even really had a chance to play with it yet. In fact, I ordered a couple of tutorial books so I could learn it. The books haven't even ARRIVED yet!! And now there's a NEW STINKIN' VERSION out!

I HATE software companies. I Hate Hate Hate them!

Okay, that's a bit extreme. Even though, back when I first got the new computer, a BIG new OS update occurred within TWO WEEKS!! No, not a simple "download the update" kind of update; a full-on "buy the new disc and install it" kind of update! And this was before OS-X.

And I am not even remotely ready to start messing with OS-X yet.

( I just had to upgrade to 9.2 in order to upgrade to iTunes 2, just in case I fall victim to wanton avarice and acquire an iPod. And 9.2 is just fine and dandy--and almost everything is back to working normally now).

Photoshop 7.0. So is it really any different than 6.0? Is it merely optimized for OS-X, or does it have cool new "must-have" stuff that'll work on OS 9?

Who cares? (Well, I do, obviously, but don't tell anybody!) I'm gonna just be happy with 6, and study my tutorials like a good student when they arrive, so I can build cool icons for LJ. And I'll be content.... and then sell more stuff on eBay so I can afford the upgrade to 7.0
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I had my first "reply" today.

I must admit, I was kinda surprised at who actually took the time to drop by here.

Some people, busy though they may be, with jobs and school and friends and lives and whatever, make those little extra efforts to be kind and thoughtful, even when it isn't necessary or expected.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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So what's the deal with eBay?

I just closed my first auctions in several months. Okay, granted, I was trying to pawn off common junk. (Except the Ren & Stimpy Magnetic Target Game. That was uncommon junk. It also didn't merit a single bid.) So I wasn't expecting to exactly rake in the big bux.

But still.... why is it, whenever I'm SELLING, stuff goes cheap? Whenever I'm BUYING, stuff goes high?

I guess I just have my finger on the commercial pulse of the masses. That is, I know what people want, 'cuz it's the same thing I want. If I don't want it (ie, I'm selling it), nobody else wants it either.

So if I want to make some money, I guess I'll have to sell the stuff I don't want to sell. And keep the junk.

I'll have to think about that some more. (But I'm not keeping the junk: Ren & Stimpy go in the GoodWill box!)


There are gnats in the house tonite. Lots of gnats.

Gnat King Cole.

Gnathaniel Hawthorn

Gnathan (My-Only-Regret-Is-That-I-Have-But-One-Life-To-Give-For-My-Country) Hale.

Gnatalie from "The Facts of Life."

No. Just lots of little flying bugs. Who like light. The computer screen is covered with gnats. It is time to turn it off, I think.

Good Gnat, John-Boy!