March 24th, 2002


The Big Trip

We started planning our trip tonite.

Since we already have the actual airline tickets in our grubby little mitts, it probably wouldn't hurt to actually figure out what we're gonna do and where we're gonna stay once we get there, huh?

I guess this means it's almost time to start putting together a "real" website, so I'll have a place to post all my Beautiful Vacation Photographs (aka: blurry snapshots) when I return.

Guess I oughtta get my camera out while I'm thinking about it, and at least dust off the lens and stuff.

I need a 52mm Polarizing Filter, by the way. Oh, and, a whole lot of money!
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    Boris Kovac: The Last Balkan Tango

Surf's Up!

Ran from the cemetary to the polo field and back early today. It's that "and back" part that makes it a challenge!:-)

A nice swell rolling in off Mokuleia. Looked like 4' to 6', and HOLLOW! I guess the word was out, 'cuz it was the most people I've seen on this beach in a long time.

The wind will probably come up between 10am and 11am and flatten it all out. But it was a nice morning for the early-birds.