davidd (davidd) wrote,

How Dry I Am... not

The dryer quit working. I disassembled it yesterday. Or tried to. I took off lots of pieces, but couldn't access the motor. Then I thought, "hey, how about checking it out on the internet!"

My search immediately led me to this site: The Appliance Blog

How much more cool could a website possibly be? It's simple to navigate, text based (with links to actual photographs of things in various stages of disassembly), and has all the answers! Within ten minutes I'd found what I needed and was able to take the dryer apart and find what was wrong (broken belt).

The part is on order from Sears; it should be here in time for more fun next weekend!

Okay, now I have papers (two) to write for school (new class: MAT 561: Action Research Project), for my class that begins Monday night, running concurrently with my Thursday night class... for which I also have two projects due, and which I also have not even begun to write.

Oh, I also graded the Week One quizzes from my summer school class. About a dozen students scored 90% or better (one 100% -- yay Margotchelle!), a few 80s, a few 70s, two 60s (one of them is an ESL girl, and she's trying really hard, and showing daily improvement, so she'll be fine), and two "failing grades" from a couple of kids who seem interested only in distracting their friends and playing around.

The kid who was a total punk on Day One is gradually improving his attitude -- I think in part because I totally ignore him every time he says the "F-word," and acknowledge when he does well on an assignment -- and actually scored 98% on his quiz.

Enough stalling. Back to the grind.

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