davidd (davidd) wrote,

Not Making This Up -- I Swear!

Some soldiers live next door. They're having a party this evening. They have a number of their soldier buddies visiting. They are all quite intoxicated. As I write this, they are having a political discussion.

No, I am not making this up. They are all in agreement as to whom they would like to see elected president.

Ralph Nader.

No joke.

Their alternate choice: Jesse Ventura as president, with Ralph Nader as VP.

I also hear them saying that it will never happen, because "Nader is too smart, he knows too much," and Ventura "was a Navy SEAL, so he knows what it's like."

They're also debating Hilary Clinton running. They all agree that they want to see women in the presidential primary, including Hilary and possibly Condeleeza Rice, but they don't want to see either of those particular two elected.

Uh oh. The lady who lives across the driveway from the soldiers, who is even more intoxicated than they, is starting to shout "shut up, shut up!" This usually indicates the police will be here within the next half-hour or so... unless she passes out before she makes the call.

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