davidd (davidd) wrote,

Ignorance Ain't Bliss

Do you know how uncomfortable it feels to be the least intelligent person in a room? Well, you guys probably don't have that problem. I, however, often feel that way; often, in fact, when I'm posting to this LJ site.

Nevertheless, I blather on, too dumb to know any better.

What brings this up? I was looking at the main Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth site and ran across this paragraph:

Data and Chance
Behind only one of three doors is a fabulous prize. After you choose door #1, the host, who knows where the prize is hidden, reveals door #2 has nothing behind it. She then offers you the opportunity to change your selection. Should you switch to door #3? This classic example of conditional probability, in which you determine the chance of something happening given that something else already has happened, is not as simple as it seems.

As it so happens, this very problem, commonly known as the "Monty Hall Problem" (if you're young enough to still be alive you probably wouldn't understand why, or at least, you wouldn't care), turned up on one of my LJ contact's pages a few days ago, causing me more intellectual consternation than I really care to mention.

Particularly seeing as how I'm supposed to be a math teacher this summer.

I guess there's a reason I'm teaching summer school for students "missing a credit" rather than being involved in the Center for Talented Youth.

kuriimupan, however, should be in CTY. Or, he can come help me teach 8th grade remedial pre-pre-algebra.


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