davidd (davidd) wrote,

You see? You see? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!

If he weren't a friend, I'd be dismayed at the callous manner in which this fellow appropriated the Hands of Fate™ movie rating system.

Be advised: link leads to a MySpace site.

Oh, and: an interminable lame-fest of pudgy hobbits and fey little elf-boys blundering around in a CGI-enhanced forest warrants considerably more than "zero" on the "Hands of Fate" scale. More like, three-and-a-half. Nah, without Orson Bean or Hans Conreid, make that a four out of five.

Anyway, go to his MySpace site and spam him. Nicely. He's one of my "IRL" friends from Oregon. I'd do it myself, but so far I've successfully resisted the temptation to surrender to the dark side by opening a MySpace account.

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