davidd (davidd) wrote,

Zannah's Breakfast Album Cover Art... and stuff

Apparently SOMEBODY who shall remain nameless (NOT! It's kuriimupan) has chosen to disregard my recent comments about my experiences with a Sony Vaio.

Then again, his... or soon-to-be-his... Sony Vaio has a special cachet: the keys have been caressed by the delicate touch of the lovely, the talented, the preternaturally über-everything, narilka.

I find myself irked at eBay. I supposedly have a notification for listings from this particular seller. Those eBay notification things, in my experience, don't work particularly well. By the time the notice comes through, the items are closed or sold.

Just as well. I wouldn't want to end up in a bidding war. And I kinda don't have any money right now. And... it's a clunky old PC!

Still... Narilka....

Oh, yeah, speaking of which: do you think z and n would mind if we use their recent iMac pic for the cover of the first Zannah's Breakfast album? It's practically perfect... it's cool, it's artsy, it has babes in it, and they're posing in a kitchen! Add some groovy quasi-gothic lettering... and then all we'll need are some songs! (Which is not a problem if you're using a Mac... with GarageBand!).

Hurry up, K, and click the "buy it now" button, so I can stop thinking about it! But you have to promise to share with us what it's like to actually own an item once belonging to... narilka.

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