davidd (davidd) wrote,

Oh, and...

I received an email from the vice-principal today, "reminding" me that I'll be teaching summer school in June and July. This is a good thing... actually, a great thing... but it was strange to receive a "reminder" about a position I didn't know I'd actually been approved for.

I've been worried the entire school year that I'm doing a dreadful job (which sometimes I am), violating policies (which sometimes I do), and not playing the game by the right rules (like, I don't even claim to begin to understand the complex web of social-etiquette rules that are part of the state education milieu (fancy French spelling bee sort of word)). So far, however, -- knock on wood -- I have yet to be called in by admin for a "conference" of any kind, I haven't been fired, I haven't had any parental complaints, and now I'm notified that I am getting one of the summer school math classes.

I don't want to get too confident, as there's still a week remaining in the regular school year, with plenty of opportunity for things to go awry. Still, it comes as a relief, both professionally and financially, to find out that I've been picked up for summer school.
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