davidd (davidd) wrote,

The completion of the Three Gorges Dam in China warrants barely 30 seconds of coverage on CNN today, while a Saturday Night Live parody of The DaVinci Code merits several minutes of coverage.

Of course, the China story downplays the staggering engineering accomplishments of the Three Gorges project, but makes a point of mentioning some of the criticism leveled against the project.

Apparently this vast project is running 18-months ahead of schedule and about 2-billion dollars under the projected budget. When was the last time any project in the United States, of any size, let alone rivalling the most massive projects undertaken by humans throughout history, has come in on-time and within budget? Our country has shoveled billions of dollars into New Orleans since the hurricane, and the levees have not yet been repaired and the people are still dislocated. Somehow it's "bad" if China dislocates people for the most massive project on Earth, but it's okay for the U.S. to refuse to allow people to return to their homes in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Those levees in New Orleans... give me a break. (ha!) When I visited China, I saw huge concrete dams... tangential to the Three Gorges project... built to protect entire cities from the rising water levels of the Yangtze. These were massive walls a hundred feet high that stretched the width of a city.

The U.S. should have hired Chinese contractors to repair Louisiana.

At least, for the most part, we have better toilets than the Chinese. I do not say this in jest. If the U.S. is already concerned about the economic dominance of China in the world, just wait until the Chinese get better plumbing and sanitation infrastructure. Once the comfort and health needs of the people are taken care of, there will be nothing to hold them back. Particularly since, based on observations I make pretty much any time I venture into a public restroom in this country, people here are rapidly forgetting basic toilet use. I think China will benefit from modern sanitary fixtures, while the U.S. population is headed back toward holes in the ground.

As for the DaVinci Code parody: so, like, who cares? It's a fiction movie based on a fiction book. Now not just the church... like, do you think the Pope really gives a rip?... but "people with albinism" are raising a fuss. Yeah, like, what, all three of them?

The biggest engineering accomplishment of the last several decades, impacting millions of people, is worth thirty seconds of dismissive American media coverage. A half-dozen irritated albinos desperate for their moment in the sun (Bwah hahahahahaha....) get five minutes of coverage for their ten minute SNL sketch.

No wonder we in the U.S. are so ignorant and ill-informed.

I could ramble further, but I have stuff on my you'd better get this done today or else list. So, like, yeah.

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