davidd (davidd) wrote,

Weird Science -- Tonight's Episode: Byrd Brains

INSTRUCTOR WHO SHALL REMAIN... UH... NAMELESS: And is there really a big pole sticking out of the Earth at the north and south poles like the drawing in the book shows? Of course there's a pole! It's a great big metal rod that the world spins on. What do you think all those polar explorers were looking for all those years? You've probably seen pictures of it. It usually has red and white stripes; that is, the one at the north pole.

STUDENT S--: We're not that young, Mister. We know there's not actually a pole.

STUDENT C--: Is there... is there really a pole?

INSTRUCTOR WHO SHALL REMAIN... UH... NAMELESS: (to Student S--) And you were saying?

Don't worry! I... er, I mean, the instructor made sure they knew it was a joke. After all, how can the world spin on a pole when it's flat? Unless, of course, you accept the premise that Atlas is a Chinese acrobat.

((I do take my job seriously. Really, I do.))

(((And actually, only six or eight out of 160 missed the "shape of the Earth" question. I won't trouble you with the number who selected "e. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo" as an Italian map maker -- you'll notice I avoided the term "cartographer," as did our textbook [published by the University of Hawaii].)))

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