davidd (davidd) wrote,

Of COURSE They Missed This One!

The most popular incorrect response on question #1 from the Continental Drift quiz...

1. The Earth is what shape?

  • a. Flat and square, like a map.

  • b. Flat and round, like a dinner plate.

  • c. Flat and kind of diamond shaped, like home plate on a baseball field.

  • d. Spherical, like a ball.

  • e. Double helix, like a DNA molecule.

... is "a. Flat and square, like a map," followed closely by "b. Double helix, like a DNA molecule."


2. What does this result signify?

  • a. I suck as a science teacher.

  • b. The social studies teacher sucks as a social studies teacher.

  • c. Every teacher these kids have had since kindergarten has sucked as a teacher.

  • d. Eh, whatevahs.

  • e. Could be worse -- you could have harlequinfetus's job!
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