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The attitude of my co-werkers toward the America's Choice school curriculum program appears to range from indifferent contempt to outright hostility.

I am beginning to think more highly of my co-werkers.

Speaking of my highly qualified co-werkers, I see that our fourth and eighth grade test scores exceed those of... uh... Mississippi.

Curiously, I am unable to find an on-line equivalent of the news story that appeared in the competing local newspaper stating our scores are dead last in the nation. Reading scores, that is. Bear in mind that I'm teaching math now! I could point out -- actually, I should put this on my resume -- that the testing took place at the end of last school year, while I was teaching fourth grade language arts! In fact, I administered the tests to my students. You'll note that fourth grade reading scores improved over the 2003 numbers.

Doesn't matter. I don't know how to "hob nob," so I'm making little progress toward acceptance by my professional peers.

Peers. Yeah, right. I've passed the freaking PRAXIS tests.

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