davidd (davidd) wrote,

Just wrapped up the last couple of projects for MAT 509 MODELS, THEORIES, AND STRATEGIES, a few minutes ago. The last class is tomorrow night. There's a brief in-class presentation due as well.

Finished up the last assignments for MAT 521 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT a few days ago. That class was a pain. So was 509, for that matter. The next one's gonna be worse -- the one that requires the "letters of character reference." It starts a week from tomorrow.

I have to attend some kind of teacher training thing tomorrow and Friday, for math standards. I don't know why the school is sending me, since my contract only runs thru December 16, barely two more months.

I signed up to take some of the PRAXIS II exams for middle school: PLT 5-9, Middle School Math, and Middle School Language Arts. That'll happen in mid-November. Just 'cuz I like taking tests and spending money I don't really have, I guess.

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