davidd (davidd) wrote,

YAY! Sort of.

It's 1:30 a.m. I finished my final assignment for MAT 521 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. YAY!

Then I reviewed the group paper for MAT 509 LESSON PLANNING. Not so YAY.

Not that it's a big deal, but... PEOPLE, YOU HAVE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES! I have just completed typing up APA format reference citations for eight out of ten web sites used in the paper. The other two of the ten were MY CONTRIBUTIONS, and thus already cited and referenced.

I am sorely tempted to type profanity at this point, but that would be unseemly and would serve no real purpose.

So, I shall simply RANT VOCIFEROUSLY via CAPITAL LETTERS for a bit. Then I shall feel better. Maybe. If I can have ice cream.

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