davidd (davidd) wrote,

Don't mind me, just another rant.

The war in Iraq isn't about "freedom" for anybody.

Nor is it about ensuring a supply of oil. It's about controlling the price of oil. Iraq was a "rogue state" among OPEC members, with a tendency to ignore quotas. The same is true of Venezuela. You'll note how desperately the U.S. wants to unseat the Venezuelan president, Mr. Chaves.

When Mr. Bush took office, oil was trading at $11 or $12 a barrel. Now, we, or that is, Mr. Bush and his Saudi puppetmasters, control Iraq's oil... and the price is nudging $70 per barrel.

Oh, and, by the way, whatever happened to Afghanistan and Mr. Bin Laden? Isn't that why the U.S. sent forces to the middle east in the first place? What happened to "flushing him out like a rabbit?"

How many BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars is our country spending on these so-called wars? How many "highly trained and well-equipped" troops do we have over there? How many spy satellites do we have in the sky, how many jet fighters and bombers? I read recently that we ship 400 new Humvees overseas every month! That's a lot of army trucks!

And we can't catch a guy who travels on foot and lives in a cave?

THE "BAD GUYS" ARE WINNING! Every day we stay there, they win by a larger margin. Because, despite "bunker busters" and night vision goggles and a Persian Gulf full of aircraft carriers, our soldiers can't catch the guy who supposedly backed the attack on New York.

It only took four years to simultaneously defeat Hitler and Imperial Japan. Those countries had a lotta guys, too, and a lotta ships, tanks, guns, planes, and bombs. And they were spread out all across the world.

Today, our troops can't even catch one guy. Who's like nine feet tall with a beard down to his knees; how hard can he be to spot?

And now we have this al-Zarqawi guy in Iraq. At last count, the U.S. had about a BAZILLION soldiers in Iraq. Britain still has a few dozen as well. President Bush tells me, on the radio, that al-Zarqawi is the major threat in Iraq.

So... why don't we just drive a few of our FIFTY-NINE-GAZILLION Humvees we've sent over there up to HIS TV STATION where he makes and broadcasts videotapes and sends out press releases to the world media, and, like, arrest him or something?

Maybe because all of our FIFTY-NINE GAZILLION Humvees have been BLOWN TO BITS by guys putting pipe bombs alongside the road.

Now, correct me if I'm in error, but, aren't a whole lot of our soldiers from the American south? In the rural south, isn't it a common pastime for delinquent teens, who later join the military because their SAT scores don't qualify them for Harvard Medical School, to blow up their neighbors' mailboxes with improvised homemade explosives? So... shouldn't our highly trained and fully equipped modern American soldiers, who happen to be from the south, be very very familiar with "IEDs?" That's "Improvised Explosive Devices." We know they've never heard of "IUDs," as evidenced by their prodigious numbers of offspring. Having the advantage of first-hand experience, shouldn't our troops be able to avoid most of the roadside bombs?

Shouldn't our troops be able to mop up al-Zarqawi in about fifteen minutes? Shouldn't they be able to spot Bin Laden from some Sputnik... oh, wait, that's the other guys... from some Strategic Defense Initiative orbiting platform, and then send in a couple of Army Rangers or Navy Seals to nab him?

I'd suggest sending Marines, but the Marines are getting totally wiped out over there.

WHO THE HECK ARE WE REALLY FIGHTING in Iraq and Afghanistan? Our guys have a lotta gear, a lotta guns, and, no matter how inbred they are and how incompetent they might be at other things, the Marines have a justly earned reputation for being seriously good at KILLING PEOPLE.

How come our Marines are getting killed instead?

How come the Marines are getting wiped out? Why haven't our guys caught Bin Laden yet? Why can't Team USA track down a guy who spends half his time making TV appearances and who doesn't even know that a "u" follows a "q"?

Why are oil prices at record levels... and don't even get me started on "because of the hurricanes" or you'll really get an ear, or an eye, full. (Actually, I'm saving that one for tomorrow).

The President says... well, it doesn't matter, he's the President, he can say or do anything he pleases, and it doesn't matter what I or Michael Moore or Donald Trump or anybody else thinks about it.

Almost two-thousand US soldiers have died in Iraq. They don't even give the stats on Afghanistan anymore. Maybe that would make the Marines look bad. Nor do we hear many stats on the wounded. I think the numbers are roughly ten to one.

There are a number of military bases near where I live.

I've been seeing a lot of people with prosthetic limbs around lately.

Those people must be proud to know that they gave their legs and arms in the cause of supporting another dollar hike in the price of oil and another quarter-point increase in the federal reserve interest rate.

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