davidd (davidd) wrote,

Inspired by....

Because she inspires with the merest of whispers... and because I'm trying, with more than a little success, to avoid anything resembling productive effort:

20 (+1) Quasi-Random Things About Me
Plus An Observation

(Based on a list by zannah)

1. I'm not a surfer but people think I am because I have longish hair that bleaches out quickly in the sun. Nor am I a rock musician, altho' I receive occasional inquiries for the same reason.

2. I would like to have been involved in either or both of the above listed activities, but alas, the requisite talent is not present.

3. I am indecisive. Or perhaps, I really just don't care.

4. I like sugary breakfast cereals. (How can you not?)

5. I own several hundred scratchy old 78rpm records from the 1920s and 1930s, but nothing to play them on.

6. I despise telephones. I admire the technology, but I hate the sound they make when they ring, and I don't like talking on them.

7. I like my PayPal card. It's kewl!

8. I hoard little bits of paper that still have useable space for notes and figures.

9. I am shy to the point where it has been detrimental to my entire existence.

10. I hate Levis 550 "loose fit" jeans because they are "fat boy" pants. But they're the only style that fits me right now.

11. My ignorance of computer technology and programs is astonishing, but I must hide it well, since people sometimes solicit my technological advice.

12. I am very disinterested in food. But I enjoy listening to The Splendid Table on NPR.

13. My bathroom scale measures in stones.

14. I don't cook. No, really.

15. I sang a song at Disneyland once, and people clapped. Out of politeness, I imagine, but still....

16. I have a Sailor Moon alarm clock. How freakin' unmanly is that? But it's loud, and I haven't thrown it across the room yet 'cuz it makes me laugh even at 5:30 in the morning.

17. I have never learned to like coffee, but I don't mind an occasional herbal tea (see "unmanly" remark above). My caffeine needs are fulfilled by Coca-Cola, The Real Thing!

18. My favorite Norman Bridwell book is not about Clifford; rather, it is How To Care For Your Monster, long out of print.

19. I am singularly devoid of dancing ability. But I danced with someone in the moonlight once, and it was nice.

20. I am slightly allergic to strawberries and walnuts, which is fine by me as I dislike them both anyway.

21. Bonus fact: since this list is neither particularly amusing, nor of any use or interest to anyone, I shall spare you the additional detail. How's that for a bonus, huh? So don't say I never did nothin' for ya.

And The Observation:

Curiously, despite my claimed disinterest in food (see item #12 above), five of the items on my list, or 25%, pertain in some manner to foods or beverages.

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