davidd (davidd) wrote,

FOX News Update

Hey, has anybody seen Shep Smith on FOX News since he got kinda edgy last week about all the people stranded after the flood, and then, you know, kinda mentioned on-air the armed government check points that were set up to keep people in the city, turning back those who tried to walk out?

Maybe they're giving him a few days off or something, because he's, like, tired from working so hard. And from watching people die and stuff.

Speaking of which... what's the "official" death toll from this hurricane, anyway? I mean, within days we had pretty accurate estimates of the Indonesian tsunami toll, and those areas were really remote. I guess, because they were brown and foreign people, it was okay to talk about tens of thousands dead, and show piles of corpses in the streets. Down in Louisiana, however, while some sources mention rumors of death tolls "in the tens of thousands," isn't the official count something like 150 in Biloxi and, like, 3 in New Orleans? I don't buy this "we're concentrating on aiding the survivors at this point" anymore.

C'mon, I can't believe there are no reliable numbers on this. Either almost nobody died, or they're covering it up for fear of negatively impacting the economy.

Or maybe the gators ate 'em all.

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