davidd (davidd) wrote,

Strapped the hunk of whiteboard I purchased yesterday to the top of the car and drove very slowly to work, pulling over every so often to let traffic pass. Of course, the speed limit most of the way is 35 mph, so I didn't have to pull over. Traffic generally cruises at 60, however, so I deemed pulling aside a thoughtful gesture. And a gesture intended to reduce the incidence of other, less thoughtful, gestures.

It rained all the way to work today, of course, for the first time in weeks. I take full credit for this, since I chose today to strap something to the top of my car that I'd have preferred stay dry. I've never transported anything secured to the top of this particular car. In fact, I think it's been at least a couple of years since I transported anything on top of any car, so it's not like the Jed Clampett look is a daily occurrence for me.

Even though I rather carefully measured the frame in which this board is supposed to fit, it doesn't. It's about a quarter of an inch too wide. Just as well, that'll give it another day to dry out. I'll take my electric jig saw to school tomorrow and try to trim it a bit. I've already pre-drilled 24 holes for the mounting screws, and set up 24 drywall screws with washers. After it's mounted I'll decide if I want to bring in some wood moulding, or just go with a cutesy paper bulletin-board border (which will be cheap, since I'll re-use the old border from the bulletin board).

You'd think the school would have, like, maintenance people to do this kind of stuff, wouldn't you? I suppose they have, somewhere, but do I want to deal with the paperwork and the requisition forms and the signatures and dealing with administration? Twenty bucks, a couple of lunch periods, and no one will be any the wiser.

Except my students, I hope.

And I'm not even going to be there beyond December. What an idiot.

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