davidd (davidd) wrote,

Math Test

This is the math test I administered to my wretched victims.... er, students, I mean... today. Actually, they made up most of the problems themselves.

Top score: 99. Bottom score: 14.

A score like 14 makes me think I'm not doing a very good job. I just gotta tell myself, "they made up the problems themselves!"

A big part of the problem is, they're 8th graders, and they just don't care! The kid who got the 14, and his buddy, who more than doubled that with a 33, spent the class period singing, talking, joking around, and generally being punks. At the end of class they asked if they could finish the test next class period.

There are a few kids I'm allowing a little more time next class period, because they were working hard, not talking, and staying on-task. But not these guys.

It's too bad, really. I've been pretty lenient on the grading so far. Everybody knew that this was going to be a "real" test worth a lot of points toward their grade. Mister-14 dropped his grade from an A to a C two days ago by not turning in an assignment even when given not one, but two, additional chances to complete it. Now he's probably in the "F" range.

It's not like this guy doesn't know the stuff. He simply doesn't want to do it. If he tried instead of playing around, he'd easily score in the 50 - 70 point range, probably low 60's I'd guess.

Oh well, I'll keep trying, see what I can do.

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