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Bought a 4'x8' sheet of "whiteboard" for my classroom. Strapped it to the top of the car and had to drive no faster than 35 mph all the way home. Dunno how I'm gonna get to work tomorrow -- start out really early, I guess.

Also bought some marking pens, some calculators, some tissues and some other odds and ends. Spent about fifty-five bucks all told.

Right now I'm printing out 20 copies of a four-page math test for tomorrow on my home printer, using my own paper.

Do I have to do this stuff? Probably not. Did any of the other teachers who've been using this room for the past several years bother to put up a decent whiteboard? No. Then again, are a number of these kids repeating a grade for the second time? Yes.

I am not going to make a very good teacher. I don't have the right attitude. All of our "CSAP" home room classes had a group meeting this morning. I listened as the other teachers talked about the upcoming field trip and and the permission slips and stuff. When we got back to our classroom I asked the kids, "do they always talk to you guys like that?"

"What? Oh, you mean yell at us?"

"Well, yeah. Or talk to you like you're little kids."

I get a bunch of shrugs.

"So, did you guys think they were yelling at you?"

"Maybe, a little."

"Why? Did you do anything wrong? Do they really need to talk to you like this to get you to listen."

Shrugs and silence.

It's not like I'm getting any better performance out of my students by NOT yelling at them. But I don't think I'm getting any worse performance out of them, either. My feeling is that a lot of these kids come from unstable home environments, people are yelling at them and ordering them around all the time when they're not in school; don't they merit a break from the "tough guy" approach once in a while?

And so what if they want to look at pro wrestling websites on the classroom computer during recess or lunch? Oh yeah, they might surf to some kind of "inappropriate content." Note to administration: one of my thirteen year olds has a six month old baby! Like catching a glimpse of some scantily clad babe on the internet is gonna "negatively influence" this girl!

The kids are cool. It's my co-workers I'm gonna have a hard time meshing with.

Okay, I'll shut up already. I'm just the new guy, just a "flunky" math teacher. What do I know?

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