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Intellectually Stimulating Discussions

8th-grader Resa is trying to complete a Social Studies worksheet on the origin of the names of the 50 states. (Yeah, okay, never mind that this is during math class).

RESA: Mr. D., can you help me with this one?
MR. D: A state named after a president. Okay. Who was the first president of the United States.
RESA: I dunno. Some guy. We talked about him the other day, I think.
MR. D: Some guy, huh? First president?
RESA: Dunno.
MR. D: All right, then. Whose picture is on a one dollar bill?
RESA: I dunno. Somebody.
MR. D: It's the first president.
(lengthy pause)
MR D: Do you have a dollar?
RESA: Yeah.
MR D: You could look at it. His name's on there.

During recess two 8th-grade boys wander into the classroom, and note a miniature Dallas Cowboys football helmet pencil topper on the desk.

BOYS: Whoa, Mr. D., are you a Dallas fan?
MR D: Uh, no.
BOYS: So why you have that helmet?
MR D: I think it belonged to the other teacher.
BOYS (turning to leave): Oh. Well, they're not a very good team anyway.
MR D: Nah, not anymore. (brief pause). But their cheerleaders are all right.
BOYS: Mr. D., you are the coolest teacher!

I suppose one of these days I'll get fired for mentioning the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders... but they'll keep the Social Studies teacher whose students don't know the name of the first president.

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