davidd (davidd) wrote,

I'm really quite annoyed (to the point of being furious) right now, frustrated, and depressed. Probably some kind of karmic backlash for my dismissiveness toward the "victims" of the Gulf Coast hurricane.

It just "torques" me -- a word briefly in fashion during my early youth, meaning "irks" -- that despite trying to go along, minding my business, following directions, doing things by the rules, I end up being ignored, trampled upon, put out, slighted, and otherwise dismissed as though I don't exist.

Like, even when I'm OBVIOUSLY THE NEXT &^%%$ PERSON in line at the post office! And in several, more significant, incidents today.

Yeah, must be the karma thing.

Whatever. I'm gonna have a HUGE bowl of Cocoa Puffs and take a nap. Later I'll finish my stupid paper for class.

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