davidd (davidd) wrote,

Joltin' Joe Has Left and Gone Away

I have a ton of projects to get started on for class -- the class I'm taking, not the class I'm subbing -- but my enthusiasm is near zero right now.

I've been putting off washing the car for months because I knew it would take forever just to clean the wheels. The stupid chrome wheels are grime magnets, and whatever it is that coats them doesn't come off. I finally tackled the wheels this afternoon. Two hours of scrubbing those stupid wheels, with a supposedly "can't-be-beat" wheel cleaning compound, and they're still only so-so. In fact, they look pretty bad if you look closely because of the scratches, which I probably caused myself the last time I washed it by using the "scrubby" side of one of those kitchen scrubber sponge things.

When I'm, like, driving to work or whatever, I seem to think of all kinds of witty banter to post on LiveJournal. When I'm actually sitting here at the computer at home, however, my mind is a blank. Well, not exactly blank. More like a sodden gray mass of squishy dullness.

That guy who used to be Baldric on The Blackadder series hosted a fairly amusing documentary on the Discovery Channel last night, covering the historical background to "The Da Vinci Code." Their conclusion about the book: guess what, kids, it's just a story!

Tony Robinson is the guy. I think he was the first black professional baseball player to mass-market self-improvement courses on late-nite TV. Or perhaps I'm confusing him with one of those people who lived in a big treehouse on a desert island; the guy from Adam-12 took over from John Mills when they moved their treehouse from the big screen to TV. Dustin Hoffman figures in somehow, dancing an old soft shoe routine perhaps. And just where did he go with Friday on Saturday Night?

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