davidd (davidd) wrote,

A Whale of a Tale

Fun in 8th Grade English: part of today's assignment was for each student to list one 'classic' book he or she had never read. We briefly discussed a definition of 'classic', coming up with something along the lines of "old and famous."

Mr. D. (going around the room): Okay, who's next? Name a classic you haven't read.

Boy student (trying to keep a straight face): Uh... Moby Dick.

Entire class erupts in giggles.

Mr. D. (sighing): Okay, yes, that's a classic.

Girl student: Is "Moby Dick" the title or the author?

Entire class is laughing out loud.

Mr. D.: "Moby Dick" is the title. The author was Herman Melville. As you can see, this isn't a book we'll be reading at the intermediate school level because nobody can stop giggling long enough.

Girl student: Mr. D., isn't that book about a... Sperm Whale?

Mr. D.: Ah, so you do know something about the classics!

Yesterday one of the students asked, "Mr. D., what's 'The Mile High Club?'"

"It's exactly what you think it is," says Mr. D. "And who's telling you about stuff like that?"

"My friends," says she.

"Get different friends," says Mr. D.

"Yeah, but, what is it really," asks another student.

"Ask your Health teacher," suggests Mr. D.

"Can we start a 'Mile High Club' at school?"

"Go talk to your Student Council representative."

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