davidd (davidd) wrote,

And They All Lived Happily....

Update on the petty annoyances:

A member of the household who shall remain nameless due to my envy at that person's being more insightful than I thought to telephone McDonald's, even though I had spoken earlier with a custodial employee in person, and inquire about the eyeglasses. My glasses had indeed been discovered by a patron in the parking lot and turned in to the front counter. The custodian had not been apprised of the find, and after having spoken with the custodian I had not inquired further of the front counter employees. I retrieved my eyeglasses, and they had only been run over once, so were in reasonably good condition.

In the meantime, since they are reasonably inexpensive, low-power reading glasses rather than a prescription set, I had mail ordered a new set. Soon I shall be rich in optical enhancing accessories.

I was able to disassemble the bathroom scale, remedy the problem, and wonder of wonders, correctly reassemble the device in fully functional form.

The heated seat in the car decided of its own accord to shut itself off. I suspect that moisture had accumulated in the switch mechanism after two days of beach going (and driving in wet clothes) and leaving the window partially open over the course of a rainy evening. Once the moisture evaporated -- due in part to the intense heat, no doubt -- the switch mechanism became once more responsive.

My first day back substitute teaching, which coincided with the first day of school for the 8th graders, went smoothly, one of the better sub teaching days I've had.

One minor point of gloom -- grades have been posted for MAT 505. I received an "A-". This means that somehow, despite hours of effort, I more or less "bombed" on my final two assignments, which were due the final night of class, when the instructor would not have to face any of us in person again. Other members of my "learning team" student group are also somewhat irritated by the grades, scoring similarly lower than expected. What did I learn from this class? I learned I should try to keep my mouth shut and not irritate the instructor. You'd think I'd have picked up on that in undergrad.

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