davidd (davidd) wrote,

Petty Annoyances

I know, I know, most people have real problems, so I should appreciate how fortunate I am. And I do, okay? So anyway:

I somehow managed to lose my reading glasses today. I put 'em in my pocket while leaving McDonald's, drove directly home, and they weren't in my pocket when I got in the house. I checked the driveway (where I'd walked out to get the mail and roll in the trash cans), looked under the seats in the car, and drove back to McD's where I checked the parking lot, looked inside, asked if any eyeglasses had been found, and even looked thru the rubbish bin where'd I'd dumped my trash. Didn't find 'em, dunno where they went or how, where, or when I dropped 'em.

The seat heater won't shut off in my car. Okay, I know that heated seats are a pretentious gimmick, but the car came with 'em, I didn't ask for that option. I can switch it from high to low, but it won't turn off. Granted, Hawaii is one of the cooler states in the U.S. this summer, with temperatures rarely exceeding the upper 80's, but still, constantly heated seats are a bit much.

The bathroom scale... the good one, not the six-dollar WalMart cheapo, quit working; that is, the dial was stuck at about 30kg (it's a metric scale -- kilograms and stones) and couldn't be adjusted back down, only up.

A friend had rented some dive gear and we were going to go scuba diving this morning, but the wind kicked up and it rained. Again, I know, Hawaii in the summertime, oh poor me! Still, it was frustrating. At least I hadn't rented equipment, since I have my own, but I felt bad for my dive buddy, for whom the $35 was kind of a stretch since he had his car broken in to two days after arriving and lost most of his cash.

School's back in session, but I haven't had many substitute calls yet. No calls always causes me to worry that I've been "blacklisted" or that all the teachers hate me or something. I do have a job lined up for tomorrow, so that's good, I guess.

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