davidd (davidd) wrote,

Real Reality TV

About the only surfing I do here in Hawaii is channel surfing. While out there in the line-up recently I've run across a couple of episodes of A & E Network's Dog, The Bounty Hunter.

This show... is not over-the-top. This show is not an exaggeration. This show is an accurate portrayal of life in Hawaii for a far too significant percentage of the population.

One of the neighbors up the street is actually a bail bondsman. Somebody at the other end of the street was stabbed a couple of nights ago -- not fatally, but enough to bring out the cops. Still, this is one of the better neighborhoods of our fair country hamlet. The guy who chopped up the vacuum cleaner salesman and put the body parts in a dog food bag lived across the road and up the hill, closer to the high school.

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