davidd (davidd) wrote,

Please Mind the Gap

They blew up the Harry Potter station!

George B*sh's "foreign policy" is leading to these events. Like he cares -- oil was twelve dollars a barrel when he took office. Now it's sixty-two dollars a barrel. He, his family, and his Saudi buddies are now 500% richer than they were five years ago. Like few dozen working class stiffs on the underground matter when you're talking billion$ for yourself and your friends.

Oh, by the way, we need to drill for more oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for the sake of our "national security," but it's perfectly fine to sell Unocal to China... for eighteen or twenty billion dollars.


I'll be wearing my "Mind The Gap" t-shirt to class tonight in "solidarity" with the Brits. Subtext: the increasing "gap" between the tiny percentage of people who control the wealth and power, and the rest of us.


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