davidd (davidd) wrote,

Negative Attitude

Received my first "negative feedback" on eBay today, after over 500 positive comments. I dunno, maybe the guy just wanted to ding somebody with a 100% rating. The guy was apparently unhappy with the item. Did he contact me? No. Would I have offered a refund if he had? Yes, seeing as how I state in my listing that I offer refunds if buyers believe the items to be "misrepresented," which apparently this guy did. His "concern," however, is directly addressed IN THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF THE LISTING. If he had read the listing, he wouldn't have had a problem.

I emailed the guy and offered him a refund if he's that unhappy with the item. I hope he takes me up on it, since I was unhappy with the price the thing brought, and I wouldn't mind having it back.

I've probably sold half a dozen of these, and I haven't had a complaint until now. I've also clarified the listing over time, because I don't want people being unhappy. I think it's written pretty clearly, but I guess that doesn't matter if people don't, or can't, read.

Whatevers.... I knew it was going to happen one of these days.

The Listing In Question

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