davidd (davidd) wrote,

Job Interview

I have a job interview scheduled one week from tomorrow, for an English teaching position at a high school in Kailua. This is not exactly a position I'd be excited about -- I don't particularly care to work at the high school level, and the commute would be over an hour each way every day. Besides, I'm working on my teaching certification for the elementary grades.

I don't think I really need to worry, I'm sure there are other applicants with better qualifications. I'm looking at this interview as a "practice" opportunity. I loathe and fear interviews, and generally do rather poorly in them. If I want to secure a position that I really want once I complete my certification program, I'll need to have better interview skills.

The second class in my certification program starts tonight. Oh, yeah, I got an "A" in the first class, but it was only a one credit class, so it's not a big deal. Still, it's a good start, I guess.

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