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I am really not into putting together these last two papers for class. There are a couple of reasons, I suppose. One is that this research using assigned on-line data bases, and using strict APA reference style, is new, and therefore challenging, for me. Another is that I am... uh... kinda lazy. I haven't done this kind of stuff in a while, and I'm finding it extremely tedious.

Lack of confidence in my own abilities, too, is proving an almost unsurmountable obstacle.

(I mean, c'mon, we have a guy who speaks five languages fluently, quotes Shakespeare off the cuff, and toured and recorded with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, in our class. How do you play on par with that?)

((I know, I know, stop comparing yourself to others, and just do the best with your own *unique skills and talents*.... which we all know is so much crap!!!))

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