davidd (davidd) wrote,

Power Point Compatibility Question

I need to learn Power Point for the series of classes I am taking. A Power Point presentation is due in practically every class.

Has anybody worked with OpenOffice.org's "Impress?" Is it genuinely compatible with Power Point? Can I take an "Impress" CD into school, pop it into somebody's PC running Power Point, and display my presentation? Without fussing around, I mean?

Same question for OpenOffice's word processor. MicroSoft's Works word processor is not even completely compatible with Word, and they're both from the same company -- when I convert from ".wps" format to ".doc" format, some page layout (like headers) is lost. I have a hard time believing that OpenOffice will be truly seamlessly compatible with MS Office. We have to submit our on-line assignments in ".doc" format.

Bottom line: I don't really want to shell out two-hundred bucks for MS Office. More than that, though, I don't want to mess around with fussy little compatibility issues. So, does anybody have any opinions re; OpenOffice vs. MS Office?

Oh, and, one more thing: really and truly, IS there a difference between the "Educational Version" and the "Full" version?

Thanx -- David

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