davidd (davidd) wrote,

Observations while procrastinating

I've spent -- or perhaps invested -- the last two and a half hours reading assigned articles for COM 516 class. The absurdity, to me anyway, is that scholarly individuals put so much effort into writing and publishing scholarly articles, complete with copious citations of other virtually identical scholarly articles, on topics about which the average joe on the street, such as myself, would simply say, in common sense direct fashion: well, like, duhhhhhh!

On the bright side -- literally -- said two and a half hours were invested while lying on a lounge chair on the beach in the warm tropical sun, with a gentle trade wind rustling through the palms, on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.

The outside temperature currently is about 84 degrees farenheit. Inside, where I now sit, lacks the cooling trade winds and measures a rather more stifling 87 degrees farenheit. But the rattan bladed Monte Carlo ceiling fan is beginning to circulate the still air, vibrant pink bougainvillea cascade down the window outside, and mynahs chatter in the papaya trees. I think I can stand to get started on the assigned "Research Skills Activity" before writing up text for two in-class presentations due Tuesday.

It's already nearly 6:00 p.m. Where did the day go? Sleeping in until past 9:00, walking a mile or two up the beach, snorkeling for an hour, a bit of reading, lunch -- this couldn't have absorbed the entire day, could it? Apparently so. I need to develop time management skills.

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