davidd (davidd) wrote,

space cadet

i somehow managed to make three, count 'em, three wrong turns in traffic today. it's not like i was going anyplace i don't drive to every single day, seeing as how i was driving to, you know, work and back.

in the morning i'm kinda cruising along, apparently spacing out or something -- jeez, i dunno if i even had the radio on -- and all of a sudden i'm like, "whoa, where am i?" i'd at some point taken the "old route" i used to use, but which i've avoided for months now due to heavy traffic.

okay, since i'm usually half asleep while i drive to work in the morning, i felt only marginally idiotic.

driving home, however, i managed to miss both the freeway cut-off -- which i blame on an absolutely riveting terri gross interview on npr -- and the turn to my very own street (uh, which i can't blame on terri gross or anybody else); somehow I found myself on the "bypass road" which meant driving to the other end of town in order to cut back.

so, okay, maybe i was gonna go that way anyhow to stop at the gasoline station.

which i did, since i was, like, there and all. regular is $2.38/gallon in haleiwa, on oahu, if you're interested.

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