davidd (davidd) wrote,

I watched "The Incredibles" on dvd a few nights back. Seemed like everybody, and all the reviews, and articles both printed and on-line, raved about how hilarious it was. Personally, I found it only mildly amusing in parts, with one or two good laughs. Visually it looked cool, but, was it really all that great? So Edna was based on Hollywood costume designer Edith Head? I'm supposed to be impressed by this heavy-handed caricature? Did you notice Edna's house up there on the hill was based on Mies Van de Rohe's Glass House?

Most significantly: they "borrowed" their robot monster design from an old "Jonny Quest" episode. That wasn't a "based on" or "inspired by" thing. That was a rip off. If I were Hannah-Barbera, I'd be looking for remuneration on that one.

Mostly, though, it was just disappointing because it wasn't nearly as funny as everybody says it was. Two or three laughs do not a funny movie make. People set their sights so low these days.

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