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Triv and Janie received a surprise parcel in the mail from their Instagram friends Izzy and Justice!

Dec. 7th, 2018

Smart Doll Harmony on a miniature sofa I constructed out of cardboard and costume scarves from the Dollar Store
Thank You for 100 Instagram Followers

Presents for Izzy

Presents for Izzy

Smart Dolls Trivia (Smart Doll Symphony) and Jane (Smart Doll Harmony).

The girls reached 100 followers on their Instagram account (@smart_doll_dungeon) today. They also wrapped up some presents to send to their online pal @IzzyGray_the_Smart_Doll.

Yippee! It's a Teepee! Or is it a Tipi?

This is the project I've been working on for the past several weeks. No, it's not my tipi. I'm assisting a neighbor. By "assisting," I mean "doing most of the work" since the neighbor went back to his out-of-state home. Once it's done, he will be renting it out through a number of vacation rental web sites.


While it looks done, there are a lot of small, tedious, time-consuming, and exhausting steps before it is actually done.

Steps that are difficult to complete in the rain.

This Is Supposed To Be The Desert

Thunderstorms and torrential rain today.
According to weather statistics, May averages three days of rain during the month.
So far, I don't know if we've had three days without rain this month.

The weather here today is similar to that where sjonsvenson lives. But where he lives, there's good beer and great chocolate. Where I live, there's rain and rattlesnakes.

I wonder how practical it would be to move to Belgium?

On an unrelated tangent: I should update my LJ user icons.


Just another note to self:

Hi. Just seeing if this place still exists.

Just a note to self:


That is so cool! I wonder the same thing as you: why is this just sitting here abandoned? Why hasn't somebody fixed it up to live in or to rent out?
What would you estimate the diameter is? Twenty feet or less, I'm guessing. Maybe fifteen.
Okay, so: do you have any ideas on how to build something like this? It doesn't look too complicated. How would you get the dome shape? What did they use to cover the exterior? Is building something like this by one person on a reasonable budget a feasible project?
I will be looking forward to seeing your sketches and suggestions.  ;-)

Oh, And, A Couple More Things

Just for kicks: Banpresto One Piece Boa Hancock (pirate version) anime figure:

Oh Yeah, This Place

I'm not sure what brought LiveJournal to mind, but I thought I'd check in.

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